Problems and Solutions: Physical Chemistry
C Kalidas and M V Sangaranarayanan
216 x 280 mm
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This book presents an extensive collection of diverse types of worked out examples, practice problems and multiple choice questions. The aim is to gain adequate expertise in solving a variety of numerical, conceptual and descriptive questions. The level of questions ranges from the fundamental to the advanced, with the hope that the book will be found useful by a wide spectrum of students at all levels. The book is primarily intended as a companion to textbooks in physical chemistry. The incorporation of different types of multiple choice questions will aid the student to comprehend the subtle aspects of each topic.

Salient Features:
This book

  • covers all the main topics of physical chemistry at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels,
  • includes essential theoretical aspects required for problem solving,
  • provides 544 worked out problems,  351 practice problems with solutions, 508 multiple choice questions with answers,
  • covers the CBCS UGC syllabus; authored by eminent professors from IIT,
  • aids preparation for competitive examinations such as CSIR–UGC NET, GATE and JAM,
  • includes solved question papers of CSIR–UGC NET, GATE and JAM,
  • provides access to an App for revision on your Android mobile phone.

Dr C Kalidas retired as Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras. He was also an Emeritus Scientist (CSIR), at IIT Madras during 1996–99. He visited the Max Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry (later known as the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, Germany) first as a German academic exchange scholar in 1968–69 and again as a senior fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in 1976–77 and 1990–91. He was a national representative and subsequently an associate member of the Commision V.8 of IUPAC, Oxford, UK. His research interests centred around electrochemistry, fast reaction kinetics and macrocyclic chemistry. He has guided several students for their Ph.D degrees and published papers in national and international journals. He has more than three decades of teaching and research experience and is the author (or co-author) of four books till date.

Dr M V Sangaranarayanan is currently Dr S R Rajagopalan Institute Chair Professor at the Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras. He obtained his Ph.D from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and was subsequently an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Germany. He worked as Scientist at the CSIR–Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi before joining IIT Madras in 1993 where he has been teaching physical chemistry courses for B.Tech, M.Sc and Ph.D since then. His research contributions pertain to the analysis of electrochemical systems from different perspectives. He has published 125 papers in refereed journals and co-authored Textbook of Physical Chemistry with Universities Press. He is the recipient of the Prof C N R Rao National Prize for research in chemical sciences in 2017.

Fundamental Constants
1 Gaseous State 
2 Thermodynamics 
3 Electrochemistry
4 Chemical Kinetics
5 Liquid State
6 Surface Chemistry, Catalysis and Colloids
7 Solid State
8 Photochemistry
9 Solutions
10 Phase Rule and Phase Equilibrium
11 Polymer Chemistry
12 Quantum Chemistry
13 Acid–Base and Other Ionic Equilibria, Buffers and Buffer Action, Indicators
14 Nuclear Chemistry
15 Applications of Statistical Thermodynamics
Miscellaneous Problems
Appendix 1: CSIR–UGC NET JRF/SET Solved Question Paper
Appendix 2: GATE Solved Question Paper
Appendix 3: JAM Solved Question Paper

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