Pediatric Endocrine Disorders, Fourth Edition
Meena P Desai; P. S. N Menon; Vijayalakshmi Bhatia; Anju Seth (Eds.)
216 x 280 mm
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Pediatric Endocrine Disorders, since its very first edition in 2001, has firmly established its place as a core learning resource for postgraduate students and trainees in pediatric endocrinology as well as endocrinology. It emphasises a practical understanding of pathophysiology and its immediate relevance to patient care, with a focus on an economical and stepwise approach to investigative workup. The fourth edition of the book, thoroughly revised and enriched with new content contributed by Indian and international academic stalwarts in pediatric endocrinology, continues to provide a contemporary approach to the understanding of the subject. It specifically meets the requirements and challenges of pediatric endocrinology practice in India and other developing countries.

Besides students, pediatric faculty and practising pediatricians will also find this book a valuable reference tool.

Salient features of this edition

  • New chapters on the transition of care from pediatric to adult endocrinology and community pediatric endocrinology of relevance to our times
  • Thoroughly revised and updated chapters; new sections on the adrenal and thyroid glands, diabetes mellitus and childhood obesity
  • Contributions from several new authors bringing in fresh perspectives and expertise in the field
  • A vibrant new look in a full-colour format

Meena P Desai; P. S. N Menon; Vijayalakshmi Bhatia; Anju Seth

Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Pediatric Endocrinology
P. S. N. Menon
Chapter 2 Molecular Basis of Pediatric Endocrinopathies
Varuna Vyas, Prapai Dejkhamron, Ram K. Menon
Chapter 3 Fetal and Neonatal Endocrinology
3.1 Fetal and Neonatal Endocrine System
Nisha Bhavani
3.2 Intrauterine Programming and Metabolic Consequences of Children Born Preterm and
Small for Gestational Age
Paul Hofman, Sarah Mathai, Wayne Cutfield
Chapter 4 Normal and Abnormal Growth
4.1 Normal Growth
Vijayalakshmi Bhatia, Suchit Gupta
4.2 Short Stature
Ganesh Jevalikar
4.3 Tall Stature and Overgrowth Syndromes
I Riaz, Veena V. Nair
4.4 Skeletal Dysplasia and Short Stature
Neerja Gupta, Madhulika Kabra
Chapter 5 Growth Hormone Production and Action
5.1 Growth Hormone Deficiency and Insensitivity
Meena P. Desai, Ruchi Parikh
5.2 Central Nervous System Tumours and Other Causes of Acquired Hypopituitarism
Vaman Khadilkar, Nikhil Shah
5.3 Growth Hormone Therapy: Principles and Practice
Ram K. Menon, Varuna Vyas, Prapai Dejkhamron
Chapter 6 Pubertal Development
6.1 Physiology of Puberty
Rajni Sharma
6.2 Delayed Puberty
Margaret Zacharin, Indraneel Banerjee
6.3 Precocious Puberty
P. S. N. Menon, Abraham Paulose
6.4 Gynecomastia
Aparna Limaye
6.5 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Peripubertal Hyperandrogenism
Preeti Dabadghao
6.6 Gynecological Problems in Childhood and Adolescence
Sonia R. Grover, Margaret Zacharin
6.7 Turner Syndrome
Anna Simon
Chapter 7 The Thyroid Gland
7.1 The Thyroid Gland – Physiology
Palany Raghupathy, Akanksha Parikh
7.2 Hypothyroidism
Palany Raghupathy, Akanksha Parikh
7.3 Goitre, Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Neoplasia
Vandana Jain
7.4 Hyperthyroidism
Padma S. Menon
7.5 Health Consequences of Iodine Deficiency in Children
Anju Seth
Chapter 8 The Adrenal Glands
8.1 The Adrenal Cortex – Physiology
Walter L. Miller
8.2 Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Adrenal Function
Walter L. Miller
8.3 Disorders of Adrenal Steroidogenesis
Walter L. Miller
8.4 Hyperfunction of the Adrenal Cortex
Nalini S. Shah, Anurag R. Lila
8.5 Adrenal Insufficiency
Prisca Colaco
8.6 Glucocorticoid Therapy
Anurag Bajpai
8.7 Endocrine Hypertension
Vijaya Sarathi H. A.
Chapter 9 The Gonads
9.1 Differences in Sex Development
Rajni Sharma, Vandana Jain, Renata Markosyan, Olaf Hiort
9.2 Micropenis
Archana Dayal Arya
9.3 Undescended Testes
M. Vijayakumar
Chapter 10 Water, Electrolyte and Acid–Base Homeostasis
10.1 Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis
Prisca Colaco
10.2 Renal Tubular Acidosis
Sarah Mathai
Chapter 11 Diabetes Mellitus
11.1 Classification of Diabetes Mellitus and the Pathogenesis and Prevention of Type 1
Kriti Joshi, Eesh Bhatia
11.2 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Maturity-onset Diabetes of the Young and Other Forms of
Praveen V. P.
11.3 Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus
Rajesh Joshi
11.4 Ambulatory Management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Anju Virmani
11.5 Acute and Chronic Complications of Diabetes in Childhood
Aspi Irani
11.6 Infants of Mothers with Diabetes
Leena Priyambada
Chapter 12 Hypoglycemia in Infancy and Childhood
Sudha Rao Chandrashekhar
Chapter 13 Childhood Obesity
13.1 Obesity and Overweight: The Epidemic and Management
Anju Seth, Aashima Dabas
13.2 Obesity and Overweight: Monogenic and Syndromic Disorders
Siddhnath Sudhanshu, Vijayalakshmi Bhatia
Chapter 14 Calcium, Phosphorus and Bone Metabolism
14.1 Normal Mineral Metabolism
Raja Padidela, Amish Chinoy, Zulf Mughal
14.2 Evaluation of Children with Bone and Mineral Disorders
Raja Padidela, Amish Chinoy, Zulf Mughal
14.3 Hypocalcemia, Hypercalcemia and Disorders of the Parathyroid Glands
Amish Chinoy, Zulf Mughal, Raja Padidela
14.4 Metabolic Bone Disorders 485
Amish Chinoy, Raja Padidela, Zulf Mughal
Chapter 15 Polyglandular Endocrine Syndromes
Rajiv Singla, Nikhil Tandon
Chapter 16 Endocrine Consequences of Systemic Disorders
16.1 Endocrine Function in Thalassemia
Anju Seth, Preeti Singh
16.2 Growth and Endocrine Dysfunction in Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Sudha Rao Chandrashekhar
Chapter 17 Transition of Care from Pediatric to Adult Endocrinology
Saroj Kumar Sahoo, Vijayalakshmi Bhatia
Chapter 18 Community Pediatric Endocrinology
Aman B Pulungan, Agustini Utari, Anju Seth
Chapter 19 Principles of Hormone Measurement
Vijayalakshmi Bhatia

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