People's Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI)

The multi-volume People´s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI), provides an overview of the extant and dying languages of India, as evolved till 2011, and as perceived by their speakers. The volumes chronicle the evolution of these languages in all their socio-political and linguistic dimensions, and encapsulate the worldview of their speakers.

The work addresses the need to look at the languages of indigenous people, minority communities, and the marginalised and bring them to the centre o ........

Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan: Sikkim ki Bhashayen, Volume 26, Part 1 (Hindi)

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), Balaram Pandey (editor), Chukey Bhutia (Translator)
2023 | Hardback | 2975

Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan: Andaman aur Nicobar Dweepsamooh ki Bhashayen, Volume 2, Part 1.......

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), M. Sreenathan (Volume editor), N. Lakshmi Priya (Translator)
2023 | Hardback | 2125

Bharatiya Bhasha Lok Sarvekshan: Nagaland ki Bhashayen, Volume 21, Part 1 (Hindi)

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), Duovituo Kuolie (Volume editor), Pratibha Bhattacharya (Translator)
2022 | Hardback | 2885

People’s Linguistic Survey of India, The Languages of Uttar Pradesh, Volume 29, Part II

G. N. Devy (ed), Badri Narayan and Rama Shanker Singh (Volume Editors)
2022 | Hardback | 2035

People’s Linguistic Survey of India, Volume 6, Part 2, The Languages of Bihar

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), Vibha S. Chauhan (Volume editor)
2022 | Hardback | 3365

People’s Linguistic Survey of India, Volume 9, Part 2, The Languages of Gujarat, Diu & Daman an.......

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), Kanji Patel (Volume editor)
2022 | Hardback | 4750

The Languages of West Bengal: People’s Linguistic Survey of India, Volume Thirty-one, Part Two

G. N. Devy (Chief editor), Sankar Prasad Singha, Indranil Acharya (eds.)
2022 | Hardback | 3095

The Languages of Chhattisgarh, Volume 7, Part II, People’s Linguistic Survey of India

G. N. Devy (ed), Madhu Singh (Volume Editor)
2021 | Hardback | 1525

Indian Languages in the Diaspora, PLSI Volume Forty-Seven

G. N. Devy (ed), T. Vijay Kumar (Volume Editor)
2021 | Hardback | 1425

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